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Barbie unapologetic at 55: Barbie 'poses' in swimsuit on SI cover, criticized

Barbie is unapologetic at age 55 -- and, really, who can blame her? She looks great. On March 9, Huffington Post reported that there has been some controversy surrounding Barbie, 55 years after she was "born." With her new photoshoot with Sports Illustrated, some people are questioning whether or not the perfect, plastic doll is a good role model for women in today's world.

"Her appearance has caused a bit of a stir from bloggers and parents who are worried about the message Barbie sends to young girls about body image. Barbie herself had to put forth a statement about her daring decision to become a Sports Illustrated covergirl, with the hashtag, '#unapologetic,'" reports Huffington Post.

Barbie is unapologetic and she has a right to be. She has come a long way over the past 55 years and while her body might be criticized again and again, Barbie really has stood the test of time. She is a girl's girl with a nice guy (Ken) and plenty of friends. As Huff Post points out, Barbie can be anyone she wants to be -- a teacher, a doctor, or even an astronaut. So isn't that the more powerful message here? Barbie seems to think so...

"The reality of today is that girls can go anywhere and be anything. They should celebrate who they are and never have to apologize for it," Barbie tweeted on February 22.

Should Barbie be unapologetic? Do you think that criticizing the doll is a waste of time?

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