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Barbie's sister Chelsea 2014 Valentine's Day dolls at Target

For fans of Barbie doll and her extensive Mattel family, there is good news of the very cute variety. The shelves in the Valentine's Day section of Target stores are loaded with dolls in all shapes and sizes, but perhaps the cutest are the little Valentine Chelsea dolls.

2014 Valentine's Day Chelse dolls by Mattel
© Kathryn E. Darden. All rights reserved.

Chelsea is the most recent addition to the Barbie doll family and has replaced Kelly as the annual Valentine's Day sweetheart. Valentine Chelseas comes in three varieties: one with blonde hair wearing a white dress with pink hears and carrying a dark pink Cupid's bow, an Asian or Hispanic Chelsea with black hair wearing a red dress with pale pink hearts on it and carrying a pink Cupid's bow, and an auburn-haired Chelsea wearing a pink dress with pale pink and white hearts on it and carrying a dark pink Cupid's bow.

The Valentine's Day Chelsea dolls come in heart-shaped plastic bubble boxes decorated with heart -- cute to leave in the box, even cuter to take out! The dolls cost about $6 each at Target which is a bit pricey but in keeping with the other small Valentine's Day dolls which were around $5 each.

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