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Barbie Goes Hollywood: New Live-Action Barbie Film in the Works

Ken and Barbie are headed back to the big the flesh this time.
Ken and Barbie are headed back to the big the flesh this time.

Because there just can't be enough movies based on toys, friggin' candy, or theme park attractions, now comes word that a live-action Barbie movie is in the works. Sony and Mattel are conspiring on the project, which is based on a pitch by Jenny Bicks (Rio 2) that will turn Barbie into a "modern Mary Poppins" or something.

The studio sees this as their next huge franchise, which is why studio chief Amy Pascal is blazing this one into production by year's end. Barbie is probably the most iconic toy of all and her appeal continues to this day, with Bicks' script highlighting the multiple careers and fashion-trending Barbie has always been known for. While there are no exact plot details, it's expected that Barbie will use her professional and fashion experience to change people's lives. So basically this is Extreme Makeover Barbie.

The search is on for a young actress to play Barbie, her metro boyfriend Ken, and if we're lucky maybe Skipper will show up, too. Just don't hire this real-life Barbie couple because that would be creepy. Look at what The LEGO Movie hath wrought. Is it too much to hope this is just a trick and we'll really get the Toy Story version of Ken and Barbie?