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Barber & Staver: "High crimes and misdemeanors" means whatever they want

Liberty Counsel
Liberty Counsel

Two of Liberty Counsel's most dependable lunatics, Mat Staver and Matt Barber, have recently begun lobbying the House of Representatives to file impeachment proceedings against President Obama for having supposedly committed high crimes and misdemeanors.

Neither Staver nor Barber would elaborate on what precisely those crimes are, nor do they ever intend to.

In fact, during a recent broadcast, Staver and Barber both asserted that "high crimes and misdemeanors" means whatever Congress wants it to mean.

"The Constitution refers to high crimes and misdemeanors and when you think of a misdemeanor, you think well there's a specific criminal offense," said Staver. "No, the Constitution throughout its history and through the intent does not refer to these as actual crimes; a high crime and misdemeanor is not an actual misdemeanor in the terms of the criminal sense, or a felony in the terms of a criminal sense, it's whatever Congress says it is at any given time and that has been the case for people accepting bribes or people lying, like President Bill Clinton, he lied to the American people. That was an impeachable offense."

So if Congress decides to consider it a misdemeanor to be a Democrat, Staver insists that it should be so.

Barber's opinion is nearly identical:

"High crimes and misdemeanors is a relatively subjective analysis that Congress is supposed to reasonably make," he claimed. "As you point out, there's not a clear definition, there's not an itemization of things that reach the level of high crimes and misdemeanors. That's left up to the discretion of Congress to look at and if you look at this president's long list of abuses of power, or lying to the American people, of intimidation, or bullying, of selective enforcement of the laws. All of those things together clearly far surpass the threshold that you need for a reasonable, subjective analysis to arrive at the conclusion that his president, over and again, has committed multiple high crimes and misdemeanors."

Wishful thinking from a couple of whiny wannabe authoritarians who can't stand the fact that there isn't a legally established ruling class in America anymore.

"High crimes and misdemeanors" refer to actual laws as they are written, not an abstract idea that can be interpreted in whatever way would be most convenient for the Religious Right.

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