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Barbara Walters snags V. Stiviano interview: 'Sterling is misunderstood'

On May 2, Barbara Walters was able to convince V. Stiviano to sit down with her for an interview about the Robert Sterling scandal. Walters, who is on the verge of retiring as a reporter after decades of delivering hard-hitting interviews, was hoping that both Donald Sterling and V. Stiviano would allow her to ask pertinent questions on the air. After considerable back and forth, he declined while she allowed the cameras to roll in Los Angeles as this mystery woman spoke to the veteran newswoman.

V. Stiviano, seated next to Donald Sterling at a Clippers game
Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The interview aired on "20/20" on Friday night and lit up social media networks after hearing what V. Stiviano had to stay. The woman at the center of the controversy, who is half black and half Mexican, told Walters that she doesn't believe that her boss -- she was introduced as Sterling's personal assistant -- meant what the world seems to believe was a racist rant. Still, she thinks Sterling should absolutely apologize but when Barbara Walters asked if Sterling would do that, V. answered, "God only knows."

Still, V. justified his words during that recorded rant. She thinks Sterling, a man who is half a century older than she is, was just expressing himself from a different perspective than Americans who are far younger than he is. She said he is really a good man.

V. admitted that she loves Sterling but that she is not in love with him. Stiviano said to Walters that he is her everything, but in the role of a "father figure" and not necessarily as a romantic interest as has been the assumption of so many. She said she does not consider herself "a mistress or a whore," both terms of which she has been called and that make her feel really bad.

After the "20/20" interview, more of Barbara Walters' talk with V. Stiviano aired on "Nightline." This late night show is also seen on ABC, the same network that carries "The View" and "20/20."

This interview with the woman behind the demise of the man who theoretically showed his true colors during the now infamous audio recording reveal made him extremely unpopular -- and then some -- was a eye opener, if only for Stiviano's take on the situation. After all is said and done, V. thinks Donald Sterling is simply "misunderstood."

So, did this interview with the mystery woman, a person who has recently been seen wearing a futuristic, full-face visor to hide behind after this scandal exploded, make anyone feel for Donald? Did pundits who are up in arms regarding the controversy that saw Sterling banned from the NBA for life change their collective minds after V. Stiviani talked to Barbara Walters about the shamed man who currently owns the Los Angeles Clippers? Stay tuned.

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