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Barbara Walters glosses over PUAHATE watching Eliot Rodger 'going Chodini'

PUAHate members knew Rodger was going Chodini at 12:17 am server time which is 9:17 pm local UCSB time
PUAHate members knew Rodger was going Chodini at 12:17 am server time which is 9:17 pm local UCSB time

In a specially televised episode of 20/20 called “The Secret Life of Eliot Rodger” which aired June 27, 2014 Barbara Walters glossed over the website which Eliot Rodger was a member and several members watched him “going Chodini” Chodini refers to Seung-Hui Cho who shot up Virginia Tech. A member of using screen-name Genetically Inferior posted at 9:17 p.m. local UCSB time a link to Eliot Rodger's youtube rant titled “Elliot Rodger's Retribution” which was published on May 23, 2014. He urged his fellow members to get in the thread because Rodger was going Chodini. This was at approximately the same time that Rodger mailed his manifesto which Walters quoted quite extensively.

Barbara Walters didn't cover any of this and just mentioned that Rodger was a member of misogynistic websites. Barbara Walters was able to work in a lot of time for a victim's father, Richard Martinez, to blame the NRA but not point out that half of the murdered victims were killed by a knife.

Member Iced Earth of pointed out that Eliot Rodger was a member since Apr 23, 2013. [Rodger's] last activity was on May 22, 2014. [Rodger] went bonkers on May 23, 2014. Iced Earth went on to write “you guys with all your male model bulls**t and bitching about childish stuff actually made him more f**ked in the head.”

Genetically Inferior did feel some remorse because he posted at 10:10 p.m. after the shooting was over “I feel like sick, we basically witnessed a mini lanza[sic]” They weren't too upset though because member manic786 really wanted puahate to go mainstream so members tried to contact CNN and eventually deciding to contact the Daily Mail because the British tabloids according to user bazookajoe are “more relevant for this type of story”. The Daily Mail excerpted several of Rodger's tirades from PUAhate but no mention that several members knew before the shooting that Rodger was going Chodini. Member manic786 went on to write “The greatest achievements of Elliot's will be to take LMS to the masses.” As of June 27, 2014, their version of LMS (Looks, Money, and Status) is still not even defined on the Urban Dictionary.

The stabbing deaths of Rodger's roommates and visitor had happened hours before Genetically Inferior's thread. The members of puahate couldn't have saved them but they might have been able to save Martinez's son who was shot last had PUAhate members notified the police which could have used Rodger's login IP to visit the apartment, find the bodies, and swarm the area.

The PUAhate members realized this was a big deal because Rodger's mother (according to member Iced Earth) was “rich as f**k and a celebrity” and that “Puahate was going down”. Genetically Inferior responded with “Should we contact Nicholas [owner of] and tell him to delete everything? It's still early. “ The PUAhate site was shut down and eventually the Google cache was scrubbed in the finest tradition of Soviet Union type revisionism.

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