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Barbara Knox arrested: 'Coronation Street' star arrested for drunk driving

Barbara Knox arrested for drunk driving puts 80-year-old in the spotlight.
Barbara Knox arrested for drunk driving puts 80-year-old in the spotlight.Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Barbara Knox arrested for drunk driving is getting a lot of buzz. Why is this bit of news about the British soap star so shocking? The star of "Coronation Street" is 80-years-old. On March 28, ATV Today reported that woman was arrested when she went to pick up her daughter at the police station. Her daughter had also been arrested for drunk driving.

When tested by the police, it was discovered that her daughter, Maxine Ashcroft, was three times the legal limit for alcohol. It wasn't revealed what Knox tested at it when she was arrested. Knox was released on bail, and the case is still being investigated.

Barbara Knox is best known for her role on "Coronation Street." She has appeared on the ITV series for over 40 years. According to BBC News, a spokesperson for the British soap said the Barbara Knox arrest is a personal matter.

The arrest happened earlier this month, but it is just being brought to light in the news. Her daughter was charged for driving above the legal limit, but it wasn't revealed if her mother was charged as a result of the March 10 arrest as well.

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