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Barbara Bush hopes that her son Jeb Bush will not run in the 2016 election

We are told at an early age to obey our parents but what if your mother’s wish is that you do not run for president. Jeb Bush’s mother Barbara recently stated that she does not want her son to run in the next presidential election. She stated in an interview that took place Monday on C-Span that the people of the United States should look beyond the Kennedys, Clintons and Bushes. The interview was part of a special showcasing The First Ladies. This is something that she has not mentioned in other interviews but she finally opened up regarding the situation.

Many mothers would be appalled by the lack of support she is showing her son. After all, most parents would support their child being involved in such a noble cause. Before speculating it is important to realize that most mothers have not been as close to the presidential seat. If anyone knows the hardships and struggle of holding such a noble roll, it is Barbara Bush.

She did not speak harshly of her son, but stated that she hopes that he decides against running in the presidential election. She proceeded to say, “, “If we can’t find more than two or three families to run for higher office, that’s silly. Because there are great governors and great eligible people to run,” Bush said in the interview. “There are a lot of ways to serve, and being president is not the only one, and I would hope that someone else would run.”

There could be various assumptions made regarding her words about the next presidential election. She spoke candidly and warmly towards her son, Jeb. She stated that she has no doubt that he is the best candidate and is qualified. Could she just be trying to protect her family from the ups and downs in office? Could the Bush family be stepping down and backing another candidate? These statements are open to speculation. Many might even find Barbara’s statement to be a refreshing change. In a political system flawed by alliances one woman disregards the hypocrisy gives her honest opinion.

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