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Barack Obama too wimpy to fight terrorism

It is not surprising that many people do not believe Barack Obama has the strength or courage to defeat the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria–ISIS–the barbaric Muslim terrorist group. United States authorities are in the process of examining the beheading video created by ISIS, which showed the execution of journalist James Foley in retaliation for United States airstrikes. Perhaps this is another example of how the folks involved with the “religion of peace” operate.

The terrorist group has threatened to kill another American if the United States does not meet their demands. This leaves numerous individuals to wonder if an American President who bowed to foreign leaders worldwide and made the gay Olympics a priority instead of focusing on important tasks has the intestinal fortitude to combat terror.

Retired USA Lieutenant Colonel Robert Maginnis–a senior fellow at the Family Research Council for National Security–stated that the situation with the ISIS terrorist group is much worse than the horror of September 11, 2001. He also stated that it was utter insanity for Mr. Obama to talk about destroying Guantánamo in lieu of bringing its prisoners to America to stand trial in our court system. Many Americans wholeheartedly agree with Maginnis and wonder why B. Hussein Obama is so concerned about getting such individuals into an American court system where they can potentially plead down their crimes and slip through the cracks of justice. The Colonel also stated, correctly, that the only solution to ISIS terrorism is to eradicate the members of the group, but laments that the current Administration is highly unlikely to do so. Maginnis is right: Obama should be replaced with a Commander-in-Chief who has a clear understanding of the threat of ISIS and the guts to do something about the problem. A new, strong American President is our only hope, as Obama may never find the time to pay attention to what's important. After all, that would require him to take his focus off gay rights, Beyonce concerts and other nonsensical activities that are not in keeping with the office he holds.

Ultimately, a religion is not one of peace if its motto is “convert you or kill you.” It is time for Americans to put on their grown-up thinking caps and big-boy pants and realize what we are facing with Muslim terrorist groups such as ISIS and the religion of Islam. It is time to tear the childish “COEXIST” bumper stickers from our cars and face the fact that it is not possible to “co-exist” with Muslims or any other “convert you or kill you” sect, as co-existing is not their goal. Rather, it is to wipe those who have other religious beliefs off the face of the earth. Co-existing with such individuals is a nice thought, kiddies, but it's not reality. As Maginnis stated, such groups will continue to kill until they reach their final victory or die trying. We need to help them do the latter.