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Barack Obama’s images Part 2

Obama’s real image

Obama pledges flexibility to Putin!
Obama pledges flexibility to Putin!
Gerald J. Furnkranz
Obama propped by media has fallen on his face!
Obama propped by media has fallen on his face!
Gerald J. Furnkranz

The image Obama’s actions have communicated to the nation and the world are much different, seemingly contrary to his selfie image. His real image may be the polar opposite to that image the media has woven for him!


Obama has engaged in many scandals. There is Eric Holder’s “Fast and Furious which Obama has swept under the carpet. The pile of dirt under Obama’s carpet is getting bigger and bigger so he trips over the hump constantly.

Obama is engulfed in numerous scandals which he calls non-scandals. There is the IRS Scandal which Obama declared in his Super Bowl interview with Bill O’Reilly there is not a smidgeon of corruption involved. Benghazi, where Obama and Hillary lied to America and the world blaming it on a video! There is the AP/FOX scandal, targeting reporters and their families.

The Obamacare lies you can keep your policies and doctors and Obamacare would be cheaper. So much touted by Obama about Obamacare was false! Throw the NSA and numerous other scandals into the mix and this is the foundation of Obama’s image.


Look at North Africa a tinder box going up in flames, the work of Obama’s wonderful Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. She wisely bailed out before her so-called fantastic work blew up in her face. A wise move for her presidential aspirations!

Look at his failures in Syria, Egypt and Ukraine and Crimea. Obama joked childishly when Romney warned of Russia being a problem in the world. The smart mouthed Obama’s response to that was, “The 1980’s called they want their polices back,” referring to the cold war.

Obama revisiting Neville Chamberlains polices of appeasement of the 1930’s when he told Russian President Medvedev to tell Valdimir Putin he would be able to be more flexible after the presidential election. Obama’s Gumby performance has now brought the “Cold War” back. Obama is just the “Wise Guy” child in the class room, poking fun at serious issues because he lacks the substance, competence and the leadership to lead US through these affairs.


In all his scandals and failures you can find a clear and consistent trail of lies. From Benghazi to the IRS and Obamacare, truth has been absent from Obama’s mouth. Smart mouth comments and lies flow from that space in torrents. From Saul Alinsky and the Muslim practices of Taqiyya and Kitman Obama he is a trained and practiced liar.

Scandal, failure and lies construct the image Obama has created for himself. The image that allows Vladimir Putin to slap him around along with America!