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Barack Obama’s images Part 1

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Barack Obama has a glorious image of himself. Indoctrinated in the Saul Alinsky image of the “Organizer”, he is given dispensation for his dishonesty and lies. Obama was taught he is a “Great Creator”, God like in his influence on those around him. Donna Brazil compared him to Jesus Christ the Messiah! A number of journalists did the same. During his first presidential campaign he was placed before Greek columns positioning him as one of the ancient Olympian Gods.

Obama has compared himself on the level of some of the greatest Americans. He has appeared to see himself comparable to the founding fathers George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and other great Americans like Abraham Lincoln, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Ronald Reagan and others. Obama has a very high opinion of himself with very little substance to back it up.

In his early days in office Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, an internationally recognized award which gave the liberal stamp of approval long before any accomplishments could be pointed at. Obama rewarded for his words his actions never equaled. Nobel prizes have been given to others of no substance like Global Warming hoaxer Al Gore and socialist economist Paul Krugman. Obama has had much hot air pumped into his ego further inflating his arrogance!

These views of himself have been very much supported by those around him. His cohorts, the liberal democrat party and the sycophant main stream liberal media have constantly put lipstick on the pig. The media has required standards that don’t take much to live up to. They have scratched like cats in a litter box to hide Obama’s messes, scandals, failures and his multitude of lies. They have all promoted these superior images of Obama to hide his dishonesty and incompetence.


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