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Barack Obama presidency an unmitigated disaster

Barack Hussein Obama has not turned the economy around
Barack Hussein Obama has not turned the economy around
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On June 27, president Obama said that we are much better off financially than we were when he took office. He added the following statement: “you wouldn't know it, but we are.” My question is: IF we are, why WOULDN'T we know it, Mr. President?

This is the depth to which our Commander-in-Chief has lowered himself. He had the monumental gall to tell Americans that all things are good, that he had turned the economy around and that we are better off than we ever were before. I wonder why there are no true qualifying indicators to prove his statements.

Mr. Obama has attempted to convince Americans that they never had it so good. In a warm, fuzzy, utopian like speech he made in the state of Minnesota–if not in the state of reality–he explained that the manufacturing sector has added jobs for the first time in almost 30 years, that the auto industry is booming and the real estate market rebounding. He stated that the tax code is now much more fair–yes, he really DARED to say that in front of a large group of people–and that we have cut our deficit by over half. His lies also include statements about the eight million citizens who have supposedly enrolled in Obamacare, which he now prefers to call the Affordable Care Act.

Naturally, as any intelligent person already knows, and as is par for the course with Barack Obama, all of the above are lies. In 2007, 146.9 million American citizens had jobs. That number last month was 145.7. In addition, labor force participation rates dropped more than three percent, equaling approximately 8,000,000 people. Currently, a mere 62.4 percent of working age United States citizens are employed, which is the LOWEST number in 35 years.

Additionally, B. Hussein Obama promised a five percent unemployment rate as motivation to pass his one trillion dollar stimulus plan. However, his minions fudged the numbers to 6.2 percent by failing to acknowledge that millions of US citizens have simply fallen out of the workforce, moved in with relatives, or applied for disability or other benefits they did not really need in order to sustain their lives. The truth regarding the “underemployed,” a term that refers to people who can only find part-time work when their goal is full-time, is that 16.7 percent of the population is stuck in the part-time rut.

Further lies by this administration include media-fudged numbers concerning Obamacare. Approximately 1,000,000 have not yet paid for their coverage–the equivalent to putting something in your shopping cart on Amazon but never completing the transaction–an estimated 900,000 people signed up on the government website after being dumped off insurance plans they were happy with because they did not meet Barack Obama's unconstitutional mandate, and another million are estimated to have enrolled in Medicare, which they could have done without Obamacare. This brings the actual number to approximately 5,000,000 enrollees or about 2.4 percent of the population. In exchange for the benefits realized by that 2.4 percent, a whopping 38 percent of the population was affected negatively by the law in one or more of the following ways: some had their hours cut, millions lost insurance they wanted to keep, millions of small businesses suffered, taxes increased and will continue to increase over the next decade, and many people saw their insurance premiums skyrocket, while at the same time losing their primary health care providers. Still others must now pay for medications formerly covered by Medicare, due to the latter being gutted to pay for the President's disastrous program.

With regard to nationwide real estate trends, the purchase of new homes has fallen 5 percent this year according to the National Association of Realtors. The Washington Post, one of the most Obama-friendly newspapers in existence, reported that the housing market is still way off track and has been since 2010.The number of people employed in the automobile industry is 30,000 less than in 2008 and dealers are also down by 100,000.

Let's talk about the deficit: Mr. Obama and his media, who are adept at fudging numbers, admitted to a one trillion-plus dollar deficit for each year during the first three years of his term. However, in fiscal year 2013 a 32 percent drop was experienced. His claim to have cut the deficit by more than half is arrived at by comparing that number to the deficit of 1.4 trillion dollars that was in place when he began his disastrous reign. He will exceed five trillion dollars in debt this year, but apparently to him, that's being “better off than ever.”

Intelligent citizens of the United States, key word being “citizens,” know the Obamacare numbers are blatantly cooked. However, Mr. Obama, similar to most skilled liars, words his claims very carefully. When making his “lets-hold-hands-and-march-on-to-Utopia speech” in Minnesota, B. Hussein failed to report that the new gross domestic product number, which is a primary indicator of the country's economic status, was a sad, 2.9 percent drop from the predicted 1.1 percent growth. So despite Barack Obama's flowery speeches, lies, and the fudged numbers of the liberal media, the economy is getting worse, not better, and at this point, it is too far down the road to even yell at poor W. Ultimately, with no one left to blame but himself, the Obama presidency will go down in history as an unmitigated disaster.