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Barack Obama, Michelle Obama marriage news: Separate bedrooms, separate lives

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Michelle Obama has reportedly moved out of the bedroom she once shared with President Barack Obama and they are now rumored to be leading separate lives. On Jan. 22 and Jan 21,, the Osun Defender and the International Business Times are reporting these and other details associated with rumors that the Obamas are headed for a divorce. See Barack Obama, Michelle Obama Divorce Rumors: Everything You Want to Know.

Why Barack and Michelle are Rumored to Be Sleeping Apart

An anonymous White House source claims that Michelle Obama has moved into another bedroom in the family’s private living quarters in the White House. According to the rumors, Michelle Obama has taken up residence in a separate room in response to information she received about Barack during the Obama family’s Christmas break in Hawaii. A tipster allegedly told Michelle that the Secret Service had been covering up Barack Obama’s extramarital affairs. See Barack Obama, Michelle Obama Divorce Rumors: Everything You Want to Know.

Michelle Obama to File for Divorce

Rumor has it that Michelle Obama has already met with an attorney and is planning to file for a divorce when Barack Obama’s current term of office is up. Michelle will reportedly continue to live at the White House and fulfill her role as first lady for the sake of appearance, but henceforth she and Obama will lead separate lives.

This is reportedly part of the reason Mrs. Obama refused to fly back to Washington on Air Force One with the President and their daughters, and why she opted to remain in Hawaii and stay for an additional week at media mogul Oprah Winfrey’s mountainside estate. See Barack Obama, Michelle Obama Divorce Rumors: Everything You Want to Know.

However, the official statement from the White House gives a different explanation for Michelle Obama’s extended stay in Hawaii, saying that the additional a week away from home without the children was an early birthday from Barack Obama to his wife. See Michelle Obama News: Birthday Bash Succeeds Despite Rumors of Divorce.

Truth or Rumor?

This is not the first time the Obama marriage has come under scrutiny. As President and First Lady of the Unites States, their marriage is probably more frequently scrutinized than most. Previous reports of marital problems between Barack and Michelle Obama and rumors of divorce were found to be just idle gossip with no basis in truth. See New Divorce Rumors Spoil Barack Obama’s Re-election Victory and Obama Divorce rumors like Obama –Vera Baker Affair Rumors are Without Merit

This time the details associated with the news rumors of divorce have a slightly different twist. See Barack Obama, Michelle Obama Divorce Rumors Make International News. But if the rumors about Barack and Michelle Obama sleeping in separate bedrooms and leading separate lives are true, it’s just a matter of time before we find out the truth.

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