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Barack Obama, Michelle Obama divorce: Marital problems abound in split rumors

President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama
President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama
Photo File, Pat Dollard Images

Divorce rumors surrounding President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama have left many in the U.S. public wondering this week whether the White House couple’s marriage is going through a rough patch. Although there is no verified evidence that points toward a future split, speculation of marital problems between the political power couple has been around for months. This week, however, breakup conjectures are back in the spotlight more than ever after a successive number of media sources are claiming that there is indeed strife between the U.S. president and first lady. The Inquisitr relates some of these potential divorce rumors this Saturday, Jan. 18, 2014.

While President Obama and Michelle Obama often appear as the embodiment of togetherness and closeness, a resurgence of marital problems in the news has left some thinking the marriage might in fact be on the rocks. The Daily Mail announced that several sources, especially The National Enquirer, have alleged that there is some truth to these split rumors this week.

As cited in The Enquirer’s most recent publication, given the attention-grabbing title, “Obama Divorce Bombshell,” the White House duo’s strong 21-year-old marriage is falling apart. It has become little more than a “string of ugly fights … that really came to a head from the Nelson Mandela memorial ‘selfie’ image and argument.”

As shown in a viral photo, there is an image someone captured of President Obama taking a “selfie” at the Nelson Mandela memorial with the Prime Minister of Denmark, Helle Thorning-Schmidt. While President Obama is all smiles in the photo that instantly became a Web sensation, First Lady Michelle Obama can be seen right nearby looking quite unhappy. If anything, she seems unwelcomed or left out of the photo altogether, which is what some viewers believed what may have happened.

Soon afterwards, the Obama divorce rumors and marital problem speculations started to spread across the Internet and nation alike. There is little doubt that a few of these allegations are downright far-fetched, with one source claiming the first lady found out that Secret Service officers have been hiding the President’s cheating for months now.

The White House has declined to comment on these cheating rumors and suspected split contentions.

“It is The Enquirer that even goes so far as to share an exclusive account from an unnamed spokesperson who claims to have inside details from behind the White House doors. The validity of the publication’s claims can definitely be deemed questionable as every account is given by only anonymous insiders. The same insider additionally adds that the couple now sleeps in separate bedrooms after President Obama’s attempt to “mend fences” went awry over the Christmas holidays when he returned to the states with their two daughters. Mrs. Obama opted to extend her stay in Hawaii.”

There is again no concrete proof that the Obama marriage is going through a rough patch at all, and whether true or not, time often tells the truth in these sorts of fidelity (or infidelity) stories.

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