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Barack Obama falsely claims ACA opponents 'mad' people have health care

Barack Obama declares debate on Obamacare "over."
Barack Obama declares debate on Obamacare "over."
Alex Wong/Getty Images

While touting seven million enrollees in Obamacare Tuesday, President Obama took a swipe at Republicans and conservatives opposed to the ACA by falsely claiming they are "mad" that people have health care.

"The debate over repealing this law is over, the Affordable Care Act is here to stay," he said.

"Why are folks working so hard for people not to have health insurance? Why are they so mad about the idea of people having health insurance?" he asked.

He also declared the debate "is over" regarding Obamacare and issued a stern warning to opponents.

"History is not kind to those who would deny Americans their basic economic security," he threatened.

Obama told reporters there could be days when isn't functional, but said it isn’t news anymore.

"I guarantee it,” he said.

While Obama may wish he could unilaterally end all debate on the law, Republicans say the debate is far from over.

"This law continues to harm the American people," Boehner spokesman Michael Steel said. "Every promise the president made has been broken: healthcare costs are rising, not falling. Americans are losing the doctors and plans that they like – especially seniors suffering under President Obama’s Medicare cuts. Small businesses are afraid to hire new workers, hobbling our economic growth. That’s why we must replace this fundamentally flawed law."

Obama, however, brushed off criticism, claiming the law has "helped millions of Americans."

"The Affordable Care Act is here to stay," he said.

While the administration touts 7.1 million enrollees, it is far less clear how many have actually paid.

According to a secretive study from the RAND Corporation, as few as 858,000 previously insured Americans have actually paid for their new policies, The Blaze noted.

The White House has yet to release numbers indicating how many have paid for insurance.

The administration, Townhall said, has spent nearly $1 billion in taxpayer money advertising the new law, which is still widely unpopular.



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