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Barack Obama = Epic Failure

Barack Obama Has Failed
Barack Obama Has Failed
Author Unknown

Barack Obama was out golfing again. He has golfed more times in two years than George W. Bush did during his eight years in office. This is so absurd because we have a great friend and ally [Japan] suffering immensely due to a devastating earthquake and tsunami; the death toll possibly in the thousands and nuclear reactors possibly on the verge of a deadly meltdown.

Why isn’t President Obama saying more and doing more regarding the heartache our friend across the Pacific is currently enduring? Japan is an extremely important ally to the United States, and it would be great that the “Anointed One” - the President of the United States - to show some heartfelt compassion and strategize with the Japanese Government on how to move forward. We did send the USS Ronald Reagan over there, but what about ground forces to assist in searching for people and cleaning up the horrific mess Mother Nature caused? If I were the American President, I would be on the phones with the Japanese Government; I’d even head to Japan personally and speak with them and help them coordinate their revival, whether there’s a danger or not. Japan is our friend, and I would always treat them as such.

Obama only uttered one or two short comments about the tragedy in Japan, but when it comes to the Middle East, they receive all of his attention. He was sure quick to urge Hosni Mubarak, the former President of Egypt, to step down immediately. Mubarak wasn’t always the greatest world leader around, but he was one of Israel’s strongest allies in the Middle East. What’s going to happen now with a different government in power? Are they going to throw our friends in Israel out to sea and forget about them? I sure in the hell hope not.

But when it comes to one of the world’s ugliest and most unfair dictators, Muammar Gaddafi of Libya, Obama remains mum without saying almost anything regarding this evil and insane man. He’s [Gaddafi] killing his own people; telling his Air Force to shoot and drop bombs on anyone who dares oppose him. What kind of American President sits back and does nothing when another world leader is mass-killing his own people? One that doesn’t give a damn, that’s who. Is his lack of speaking ill against a dictator due to the fact that he wants to remain all cute and cuddly with the Middle East and literally say “f**k you” to the rest of the world, including the United States? Excessive golfing and snow cone-eating is way more fun, I guess. Seriously pathetic, America.

Another idiotic decision Obama made was to stop all space exploration and turn NASA into a public relations firm with the mission of reaching out to the Middle East. He wants a government organization responsible for space exploration and other extremely important research to stop what they’re doing and improve America’s relations with the Middle East? Are you freaking kidding me? This has got to be one of the dumbest, most unintelligent, and uneducated decision I’ve ever had the opportunity to witness in my short life. And he supposedly went to Harvard and Columbia University? Did he go to Columbia? Well… I don’t care because wherever he went he had to of flunked Spring Break too.

We got Japan suffering and in need of major assistance, and “President” Barack Obama is out catering to his excessive golfing disorder. We have Israel trying to do the right thing, and he doesn’t want anything to do with that. And now Libya… but why would he talk like a meanie to the Middle East? He’s got NASA - or the National Public Relations Administration - reaching out the the Middle East. What ever happened to going to the moon again? Mars? Jupiter? Oh, and what about Pluto? I was being dumb with the last three, just like the “Anointed One” is being dumb with every word he speaks and every move he makes.

Barack Obama has not only failed America. He has failed the world.


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