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Barack extremely irate over ISIL and Ferguson

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Obama made a speech about ISIL following their posting their beheading of an American journalist this week. His demeanor was that of a man being forced to eat lemons as he spoke against the terror army of Jihadis that is rampaging through the Middle East. The words he was forced to speak were like ashes in his mouth. Obama is angry because he is being called upon to denounce and destroy his “Arab Spring,” his “Sunni Awakening.”

Obama condemns ISIL killing journalist James Foley

After the deaths of 40,000 Christians, Moslems, and others, the destruction of ancient religious artifacts and shrines, and their announcement of intent to commit genocide and establish slavery over all others through a renewed Caliphate, Obama does not say the future does not belong to them. He merely imports that people like them often fail, but they also often succeed, like Hitler did for his first ten years, and as Stalin and Mao did to this day. Despite saying that ISIL has no place in the 21st century, he is unwilling to take decisive action to exterminate them.

ISIL is nothing less than proof that mankind hasn’t change in thousands of years. From the murderers in the Middle East to the rioters in Ferguson, hateful, petty, mean, thieving, selfish, greedy people destroy everything around them. Just as the police in Missouri stand impotently watching the carnage, so too does Obama watch The Middle East burn.

Obama’s demeanor is not righteous wrath against blacks rioting against whites, not righteous wrath against Moslems murdering Christians, but one of loathing for being forced to denounce his people in front of the world. The United States does not have to police the world, just as the federal government does not have to police every neighborhood. But it must step in when the violence and destruction spills into other cities and nations.

America must act when the savages are loose. When criminals gather from other cities, when murderers gather from other countries, America must act. When the peace, liberty, and safety of the free world is threatened, America must act lest she allow fascism, Nazism, communism, or Islamism to take power over the world and gain enough to destroy America as the Nazis, Imperial Japan, and the Communists nearly did.

Sending Eric Holder to Ferguson is like throwing a cement block to a drowning man. As if sending a racist who hates white people will help the problem of racists rioting against white people. How it must have galled Obama not to denounce white people as he does over and over again as in the cases of Boston police, George Zimmerman, and the IRS, declaring there is not a smidgeon of corruption in his administration when it is the very definition of the word.

Obama and Holder can never be transparent by admitting their actions and intent because they are anti-white, anti-Christian, and anti-American. They do not uphold American law, so how can they possibly uphold righteousness? They are not the solution to the problem, they are the instigators. They did not inherit the ills of America and the world, but manufactured them.

They say they want to do what is right for America, but they act against the will of the majority. They say they want to make the country better, but they act to tear it down. Democrats have no right to complain about the problems they have created for America because they VOTED FOR THEM!

So stop telling Obama to do the right thing, because he is an over thirty liberal with no moral compass who believes he is doing the right thing. Like ISIL and rioters there is no negotiating with them. The only thing that needs to be done is to beat them down, defeat them, and take away their power. Leftists never rule by the consent of the governed, but always rule against the will of the majority.

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