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Bar in Studio City offers happy hour and nightly fun


Courtesy of their website

So, the standard happy hour has become a not-too-hard-to-find find.  Don't read too much into that statement though, it's always thrilling to discover a new stomping ground.

Take The Draft, for example - it is a standard bar and grill on Riverside, just East of Coldwater Canyon.  Well, no, that's kind of a lie, or else, why would I blog about it?  

It has the standard Monday-Friday, 4-7pm happy hour with drinks AND apps 50% off.  Standardly, awesome, that is.

It also has a nice sized patio, which is great during the early evenings - especially in the summer, when it's still light out.

As soon as the sun sets, however, patrons are encouraged to head inside where it is oddly divey, considering the number of HD flat screens along the wall.  So, what's so great about inside?  Thought you would never ask.

Mondays - 9pm - Comedy

Tuesdays - 9pm - Karaoke

Wednesdays - 9pm - Live music

Thursdays - 8pm - Trivia

Fridays - 10pm - Late night happy hour

Saturdays - well, it's Saturday

Sundays - 4pm - Poker

So, moral of the story, no matter what your schedule, you can fit in an entertaining trip to The Draft.