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‘Bar Rescue’ tries to help Oface Bar in Council Bluffs, Iowa on Spike

Jon Taffer host and mastermind behind Bar Rescue
Jon Taffer host and mastermind behind Bar Rescue
Spike TV

On tonight's episode of “Bar Rescue,” creator Jon Taffer went to a bar called Oface on this episode titled, “Punch-Drunk & Trailer-Trashed.”

Jon Taffer and his staff checked out Oface Bar in Council Bluffs, Iowa at the request of Matt and Karen Overmyer, who invested their retirement in the bar named after Matt’s nickname Oface. In the beginning, they were making about $15,000 a month, but after the partying atmosphere took over both owners and staff, many of the regulars stopped coming, due to the rowdiness. Their security guy Bryan nicknamed “Syck” agrees that the owners have no idea how to run a bar, and their manager Amanda lacks professionalism. While it was all crumbling around her, Karen kept her seat at the bar, ringing her bell for another drink. The staff is aware that Karen and Matt care little about them, and more about their friends. Karen blames Matt for their failure without looking in the mirror, but that may change when Jon Taffer arrives.

Now in debt for $260,000 and losing $4,000 a month, they agreed to call in Jon to take over and help their business that has about a month left before they lose everything. As Jon and mixologist, Russell Davis watch from the car, they discuss the meaning of the name of the bar. Jon had no idea, but Russell tells him that it refers to the face one makes when having an orgasm. From the outside, it was declared to be the worst looking bar Jon had ever seen; and fans of the show know he has seen some terrible ones. As he watches further he spots Karen complaining because someone removed her bell from the bar. When it was returned, she constantly rang the bell for a drink. Jon revealed that Matt was in the Air Force and was deployed often. Karen ran the place while he was away, which added to the downfall.

Jon sent in two local Council Bluff guys, Rick and Ryan to do the recon. They ordered two beers and their special O-gasm shots. They noted that the shots tasted like they were pre-made. As Cerissa, the shot girl approached the guys with a tray of shots, they bought one, and she asked if they would buy her one? They obliged, and she drank it down. Russell noticed that the shots were served in plastic disposable cups, that were being reused. When these cups were washed under high temperatures, they released carcinogens.

They observed Dave, who brags that he is one of the best bartenders in the Midwest. They watched him as he put flaming shots into plastic cups of beer; not a wise decision as it could injure the patron, but he then took a large swig of liquor and blew his breath and lit it into a fireball. Russell was appalled at the irresponsibility of such an act. The double-wide has a low ceiling and could catch fire and possibly kill people with an act of such stupidity.

As the show commenced, they observed the owners and staff getting drunker as the night progressed, doing shot after shot, as the bell kept ringing. As the entire staff was in the cooler room doing more shots, patrons went behind the bar to make their own drinks. When Cerissa came into the office to advise Matt, he told her to get back out there and sell more shots. Jon knows that their liquor license would be lost if patrons were caught behind the bar by law enforcement.

When Cerissa, the only person who seemed to care, was asked by patrons what was in the O-gasm shot, she did not know and asked Matt, who would not reveal. The person stated that they would not drink it, unless they knew, he told them not to drink it. Suddenly, Amanda, the manager and Cerissa were spotted outside fighting. So Jon got out of the car to break up the fight as the owners came out. He demanded that Amanda be fired, or he would not show up the next day.

After Jon left, Amanda and the owners had a powwow and decided that Cerissa was the problem and went to fire her. Syck knows that Amanda is the real problem and seems to have the owners under her spell.

All was calm as the staff sat around waiting for Jon to show up, but Amanda had a victorious cocky attitude. When Jon walked in, he saw Amanda and told the owners they made their choice, as he turned around and walked out. The owners decided that Amanda must go, although Karen did not totally agree. As she left, Jon was spotted in his car watching the entire thing. Now they just hope he will come back.

Finally, after letting them squirm for a good while, Jon and Russell returned. Jon made no promises to the staff; he agreed to do it one day at a time. However, he had his work cut out on this rescue. Jon blamed Karen, who sat smoking and ringing the bell all night for her next drink, and Matt agreed, which caused a rift between them, but they went to the office, where she told him, it was 80% his fault before they went back out and he sheepishly agreed.

Because of all the time wasted, they had to do the stress test with no training and Jon ordered Cerissa back in their employ. As they prepared for the stress test, everyone stayed sober. But it was a disaster, as the huge crowd was overwhelming to the crew and Karen had an attitude and would not smile, even though Jon reminded her to do so several times. Then she was spotted in the office playing with her cell phone refusing to help. Matt burned pizzas, and people waited and waited to be served. Finally, Jon called it a night. He told them to get a good night’s sleep because tomorrow, it would be training all day.

When he arrived, they were all in the office having a laugh session, and nobody was getting ready for the day ahead. When Jon confronted them about the sexual innuendo of the name Oface, he stated that if he changed the name, he knew Karen would change it back after he left. When Syck stuck up for Jon and his intentions, another powwow ensued in the office to get rid of Syck.

Jon went to the office and laid down his ultimatum, after three days he has no trust in these people at all. Jon then did something he never did before; he checked into the backgrounds of these people while Russell trained them. Attempting to attract the railroad people in the area, he came up with drinks with names they would know. The Air Monkey referred to the guys who work on the brakes, and The Mad House.

When Jon returned, he had all the information he needed. He saw a video of Matt slapping Dave in the face, and then offering Syck a ten dollar an hour raise if he put Dave through a glass window. This proved that this was the most dysfunctional group he has ever encountered.

He returned to the bar and called the entire group together. He told them they did not need a rescue; they needed a counselor, and this was the first rescue he walked away from. He knew that no matter what he did, it would most certainly be undone when he left. As Syck spoke into the camera, Matt cursed him for speaking to the producers at all. Jon feels sorry for Cerissa and Syck, because they seemed to be the only ones who cared about the business.

Three months after Jon left, Matt, Karen and the staff still drink at Oface. Cerissa has quit working there, Syck has been fired, and Amanda has been rehired as manager. Matt and Karen continue to lose about $3,000 a month. As this will go down as the first-time Jon and "Bar Rescue" walked away from a rescue, as it was deemed beyond his help.

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