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‘Bar Rescue’ transforms Pat’s Cocktails to a mixology bar on Spike

Bar Rescue went to Pat's Cocktails
Bar Rescue went to Pat's Cocktails
Pat's Cocktails Facebook Page

On tonight's Spike episode of “Bar Rescue,” creator Jon Taffer visited Pat’s Cocktails in Los Angeles, on this episode titled, “When Life Doesn’t Hand You Lemons.”

Twenty years ago, millionaire businessman, Ray bought Pat’s Cocktails. He quintupled the business in the first few years. After a while, he stepped out of the business and pursued his passion; big-game hunting.

In his absence, Ray handed the reins over to his friend Jimmy, to manage the place. Two years ago, Jimmy fell for the love of his life, Monique. They quickly got married, and Jimmy no longer cared about the bar. With an absent owner and a distracted manager have caused the bar to slip into a state of neglect.

Ray is only interested in hunting, fishing and traveling; the bar is an afterthought. With Pat’s losing about $4,000 a month, Vivian and Danielle, the bartenders, have persuaded Ray to call in Jon Taffer to help the failing bar get back to where it should be. With an affluent population and younger demographic, Pat’s Cocktails should be booming, but it is too run down and has not been updated, and becoming a dump.

As Jon sat in his car with Russell Davis, his mixologist, they saw how deteriorated the bar was. They saw Jimmy and his wife playing grab-ass at the bar while drinking. It was embarrassing to watch them act like horny teenagers. As Jon’s three women spies went in to do recon, Jon called Vivian to ask her to pour free drinks for the patrons, and see if Jimmy notices. Jimmy was so engrossed in his wife, that he never noticed. Jon agreed to pay for the drinks, and when she gave away over seventy drinks, and the entire group saluted Jimmy; he did not even know that they were drinking for free, and saluted them back. When she went around with a large bottle, refilling everyone’s drinks, he still did not notice.

Jon came in and read Jimmy the riot act, but he was oblivious to what had happened, and just annoyed that Jon yelled at him and called him a moron. Jon told him to be there the next day with the owner when he returned. Jimmy then hugged his wife who was crying because her baby boy was yelled at.

When Jon came in the next day, Ray, Jimmy and the bartenders were there. The staff complained that it was much too hot inside the bar, and customers left because of it. They also ran out of products to serve and sometimes purchased items themselves. They have not had lemons in the bar for six months. Jimmy blamed Ray for not allowing them to upgrade the place. It was Ray who would not spring for lemons, while driving around in a $90,000 car.

Jimmy finally had his say, after Jon related his sting to Ray, that the bar was served for free right under Jimmy’s nose. Then Jimmy exploded with how he felt towards Jon. However, Jon held higher cards and called his bluff, making him agree with his every word. Jon also determined that his wife, Monique could be an asset to the restoration of the bar. Then Jon introduced his helpers, Russell to aid the bartenders and Kevin Bludso, the barbeque expert to ramp up the joint next door that serves food through a window in the bar.

For the stress test, Jon invited the younger demographic to the bar. The food orders were coming fast and furious, but Jimmy was falling behind. The credit card machine went down, and Jimmy was at a loss. Fortunately, his wife knew how to reset it. Vivian was so disgusted; she ran out crying. Jon went after her to tell her how great she was, and how she was needed. He is such a motivator. Jimmy was worthless as a manager, but promised to do better going forward.

When Jon met with his crew, they agreed to turn the bar around. The next morning, Ray was there with a peace offering, a large jar of lemons, and he agreed to give Jimmy control of the bar, and they also noticed something different; the air conditioning was working properly. Ray had done his part, now the entire day was devoted to training.

As the group met outside, they awaited the revamped exterior. When Jon told them to turn around, they saw a new sign, no longer dated, but a new sign reading; Pat’s Cocktails, a Mixology Bar. The interior was amazing, and the metamorphosis was unbelievable. The entire group was in awe of the changes Jon made.

The relaunch was a booming success; Jimmy stepped up, and the bartenders were on point. Now with two wells, they were no longer running into each other.

Six weeks, after the relaunch, Vivian and Danielle’s tips are up 35%. Ray continues to stock the bar with resources, especially lemons thanks to Jon and his staff at "Bar Rescue."

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