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Bar Rescue Tops Other Restaurant Rescue Shows Statistically

John Taffer's "Bar Rescue" leader in reviving businesses
John Taffer's "Bar Rescue" leader in reviving businesses
Photo by David Becker/Getty Images for Nightclub & Bar

Several shows have popped up for the past seven years that have helped failing business get back on their feet. However, which show has seen the most success?

Going through the number of the three top "restaurant rescue" shows, it's Jon Taffer's "Bar Rescue" who is statistically the top dog at an 80% of the restaurants still in business. Robert Irvine's "Restaurant Impossible" came in at 53% and Gordon Ramsey's US version of Kitchen Nightmares (which is ending its run) is at 42%.

Breaking down the stats, "Bar Rescue" did 59 rescues over five seasons, with 46 still open. Most have either changed their name back to the original name or combined the newly given name on the show. Their worst season was season 2 with four restaurants closing. One of the restaurants moved locations shortly after the show. One has new ownership.

"Restaurant Impossible" is two shy of the 100 mark in their eight seasons, with 54 still open with the same management. Four were sold. So far, the show is the only one to have a perfect season so far in their last one.

The American version of "Kitchen Nightmares" ends its series under .500 with 32 of 77 still operating under original management. They were the only show of the three to see a season where all the restaurants closed soon after the rescue (season 2).

Ramsey is now focusing on his new series "Hotel Hell" and is competing with Anthony Melchiorri's "Hotel Impossible".

More restaurant rescue shows have popped up in Food Network's "Save my Bakery" and TLC's "Bakery Boss", but only time will tell if they will see the success of "Bar Rescue".

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