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‘Bar Rescue’ saves hookah bar in Omaha; Jon Taffer talks show tactics

Jon Taffer
Jon Taffer
Photo by Ethan Miller

The “Bar Rescue” save on Sunday night will be in Omaha, Nebraska as the fans watch the Oasis Hookah Bar get a complete makeover with the help of Jon Taffer. The popular host might have met his match as there is filth everywhere, nothing appears to be working and the drinks are so bad that one of Taffer’s spies becomes violently ill. According to the Broward Palm Springs Times on Friday, Jon Taffer only has five days to fix a bar and he has tactics he uses to get owners to listen. This Nebraska establishment might have the host working late into the night as it needs lots of help.

The biggest problem with the bar? It is so filthy that people are getting sick. From the drinks to the bathrooms and everything in between, there seems to be dirt, grim and goop everywhere. Add that the staff appears to be inattentive and the situation is completely out of control.

According to the Omaha World-Herald, the bar is a frequent establishment of the locals and one of three locations in the area the show has helped. The bar and the staff are inviting folks to come down and watch the episode with a watch party in honor of the new look and chance the bar got with "Bar Rescue."

As fans of the show know, Taffer is hard on establishments owners, employees and people involved, but he gets the job done in five days or less. The show is limited in what it is able to share because of the airing time, but Jon Taffer has revealed his tactics include yelling, working with the owners in a productive manner and offering solid advice. Viewers might see the star screaming his head off and those highlights might make for better television than him sharing a philosophy in a very calm conversation.

Since Jon Taffer knows how to get the job done, it doesn't matter how he does it as long as he is able to help the bar and move the show along. At the Oasis Hookah Bar Taffer's tactics worked and it sounds like the owners couldn't be happier.

“Bar Rescue” on Spike TV airs at 9 p.m. ET.

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