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‘Bar Rescue’: Russell Davis is helping make zero gravity drinks for space travel

Russell Davis is seen often on Bar Rescue
Russell Davis is seen often on Bar Rescue
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images for Nightclub & Bar

Every week the fans of “Bar Rescue” watch Jon Taffer and his crew turn a failing bar into a thriving business. As fans intently watch the reality show, the dynamics of the team are tested as the business gets a week to make a complete turnaround. Behind the scenes there is plenty of work to be done outside of the show as the guys are working hard on other projects . According to Quincy Herald Whig on Friday, Russell Davis, a mixology expert seen on the show, is working on a drink experience for space travel.

Russell Davis is an accomplished bartender and now is helping troubleshoot on how to mix drinks and serve them to guests in space without having to put the liquids into bags. The goal? To figure out how the fluid and ice cubes won’t just float away when poured into a glass. As gravity is different in space (compared to earth) there are plenty of variables for the experience to work.

Apparently Russell Davis is part of a team of experts working on developing a martini glass that will keep the liquid in a glass during zero gravity situations. Using ridges and angles, there is a demand in making the glass hold the beverage miles above the earth while defying the elements.

Russell Davis is on board of the Cosmic Lifestyle Corporation and the special cocktail glass will be one of the first used in the space tourism industry when civilians get a ride in the upper atmosphere. Looking to really embrace the experience of checking out the stars while sipping a fine alcoholic beverage, this idea sounds quite nice for anyone who loves to cruise way above the jetliner comfort level in the very near future.

Bar Rescue” airs Sunday night on Spike TV. Russell Davis offers plenty of advice on earth. Fans love it when he helps Taffer make the local bars a little friendlier for earthlings.