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‘Bar Rescue’ offers family intervention; Jon Taffer tries to save another bar

Jon Taffer in Bar Rescue
Bar Rescue/Facebook

Jon Taffer has his hands full in the upcoming episode of Bar Rescue on Spike TV. The host of the popular show offers up plenty of drama, but this week the fans probably will be surprised to see the drama that Taffer needs to cut through is all blood related. With problems between the family members, there seems to be little going right when Bar Rescue tries to help another establishment on Sunday night.

“Jon Taffer has had it with the family drama. See a preview of Sunday's new episode,” wrote Bar Rescue on the official Facebook page. Offering a sneak peek at the upcoming episode, it appears there isn't just family issues but health concerns too.

At a family run bar where the episode is set, a brother and sister are locked in conflict with their explosive father who seems all too comfortable with the current situation. Jon Taffer struggles to train an inexperienced staff and disaster is about to ignite in the kitchen. After taking apart each element, viewers get to see Jon Taffer in action and he surprisingly makes it work in the end.

Some of the bars that Taffer visits seems extremely hopeless when the host of Bar Rescue rolls in to do his thing. By the end of the episode the transformation is amazing and it reminds everyone that Jon knows he job better than anyone!

Bar Rescue is on Spike TV airing Sunday at 9 p.m. ET.

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