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‘Bar Rescue’ fans pose questions to Jon Taffer; host reveals pet peeves

Jon Taffer host of Bar Rescue
Jon Taffer host of Bar Rescue

When Bar Rescue cameras roll into a town to check out the local watering hole and offer up advice, it is Jon Taffer who is at the helm offering up help. The host of the popular Spike TV series obviously has his hands full sometimes, but most of the time he offers up great advice to make the establishment flourish. While the host makes the job look easy, it’s probably a really tough job and fans want to know more. Jon Taffer definitely caters to the fans and he answered questions asked the viewers to share more about his process of saving bars. According to Spike TV on Monday, the host answered quite a few questions to give fans some background on his job.

It is safe to suggest that Jon’s pet peeve is what drives his job. Sharing with a fan that the biggest pet peeve when rescuing a bar is anything that could get people sick. That could cover dirt, improperly prepared food or drinks and anything else that isn't running smoothly. As fans who watch the show know, he highlights issues at bars and demands changes which offers up great television and resolves any of his personal pet peeves.

Even wonder if Jon Taffer gets scared walking into a bar? Or maybe have a confrontation similar to what was seen at O’Face Bar? Well, Jon Taffer is fearless. He told fans he isn't afraid of anything. Which is good as some viewers are a little nervous for him when he walks into a new place. Or worry that a bar owner's fist might fly when they don’t take his advice real well.

So how does Jon Taffer feel about his responsibility to save bars that enlist his service? Apparently the star is 100% serious and gives his best effort no matter what the situation. Sometimes things don’t work out, but the star does make it work to the best of his ability.

Jon Taffer might not be as big of a reality star as Kim Kardashian, but Bar Rescue offers up interesting television about places that viewers actually frequent. And the added benefit? Jon would be the guy you meet at a bar and become good friends as he is just that likeable!