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‘Bar Rescue’ abandons helping Iowa bar after fallout with Jon Taffer

Jon Taffer did something almost unheard of for reality TV. After lining up a bar to help in Iowa, he walked out and didn’t help the owner turn around the establishment. Viewers who watched “Bar Rescue” on Sunday night understood exactly why too. The Council Bluffs bar seemed completely out of control and the situation on how the bar was allegedly operating was a big concern. According to on Monday, the situation gave the community a black eye as the publicity was pretty negative.

At the beginning there is no doubt that Jon Taffer did his best to make things happen. Pinpointing issues, requiring situations to be handled and offering advice it looked like Council Bluffs' O Face Bar was going to make a complete turnaround, but things got weird and fans could see the awkwardness on camera. People stopped listening and the issues seemed to immediately go back to the way it was.

It left Jon Taffer no choice but to walk out and say goodbye to the owners. The problems were left behind as the “Bar Rescue” man realized these folks were not ready to change their ways, but they were ready for their 15 minutes of fame.

“Bar Rescue” always offers different outcomes when it comes to making a bar successful, but as fans realized some bar owners like wallowing in their own misery.

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