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Bar Refaeli liquid gold facial: Bar posts photo of liquid gold on her face

Bar Refaeli getting a liquid gold facial
Bar Refaeli getting a liquid gold facial
Bar Refaeli / Instagram

Bar Refaeli got a liquid gold facial earlier this week and posted a photo of it on Instagram (see it to the left). On April 2, Us Weekly reported that Refaeli is always trying new beauty treatments (including a vampire facial last year) and this one was beyond luxurious to say the least. Obviously very expensive, gold facials are quite popular among the stars, many of whom seek treatments in Los Angeles and New York City.

"While she doesn't name the spa or identify the specific treatment, gold facials are thought to have anti-inflammatory and anti-acne benefits," reports Us Weekly.

Bar Refaeli's liquid gold facial will keep her skin in tip-top shape, especially if she gets the treatments frequently. In case you were wondering what is in the mask, well that would be 24-carat gold foil. Given that tidbit of information, you can probably imagine the cost of one of these treatments -- and not every aesthetician is able to work with the product.

According to, only an aestheician with specialized training should do a liquid gold facial. It's evidently a very intricate procedure (which could also be why the price tag is so high).

Would you get a liquid gold facial like Bar Refaeli (you know, if you could afford it)?

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