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Bar in Los Feliz offers Happy Hour 7-9pm

Despite how amazing the concept of happy hour is, it can sometimes be *gasp* inconvenient.  I know, I know, how can 2 for 1, or cheap drinks be inconvenient? Well, the typical happy hour hours are 4-7pm, Monday through Friday.  For everyone who doesn't work 9-5pm, that is inconvenient.

Remember, this is LA, too.  Practically NO ONE gets off work at 5pm.  Well, for those of you working until 7pm or 8pm, I give you El Chavo.

I'm betting you can guess by the title of this article that El Chavo's happy hour is great because it is offered from 7pm-9pm.  Thanks for paying attention!

Let me tell you other reasons why it is amazing (ie, what does happy hour consist of?)

  • $3 Margaritas
  • $3 well drinks
  • $3 Tecate beers
  • $3 Tacos - chicken, beef and POTATO (it's good; trust me)
  • a bunch of other good, cheap food - including some delicious guacamole

So, next time you think, "oh no, it's already 6:30, I'll never make it to happy hour," just head to Los Feliz!

For more info: visit them online at


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