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Baptist pastor: Fathers should make their sons straight with via brutality

In 2005, Ronnie Harris Jr. murdered his three-year-old son in the course of a routine beating. He liked to bounce the toddler off of walls and smack him around so as to prevent him from being gay, while failing to appreciate that sometimes, when you beat a baby like he's an opponite in a barroom brawl, you might end up in prison.

In totally unrelated news, North Carolina pastor Sean Harris today "explained" that when he said fathers should "crack" their little boys' wrists if said wrists should form an incorrect angle, and should also "punch" and "squash" preschool-aged boys who might possibly be somewhat less than manly, he meant . . . something that wasn't child abuse. You know. The kind of arm breaking that no harm no foul. See, when Harris said that the gay should be beaten out of children he didn't mean that the gay should be beaten out of children. He meant something that was not that. Like, as a joke. Or whatever.

Now, while it's seldom a good idea to assume things about a stranger's life, chances are that Pastor Harris grew up in a time and place in which what he's talking about was no big deal. He probably grew up around plenty of men who talked about how they'd break their son's arm if he looked like he might be gay. Those men then went on to take Harris's advice to punch and squash their boys while they were still quite small, so as to discourage unmanly behavior. Here's the thing that Pastor Harris didn't catch onto, though: Those men? After they smacked their toddlers around because they put on their mommys' shoes? Laughed to all their friends about how they put little Johnny into a wall for acting like a fag. They didn't start whining and sniveling and fauxpologising the second someone looked at them funny for it. They didn't go around offering "explainations" about how they were totally "sorry" if they offended someone. They said,"Hell yeah, I broke that little brat's arm, and I'll do it again the next time I see him playing with his sister's Barbie."

Too bad those men only communicated their love of gay-bashing to Sean Harris, and didn't manage to also communicate a sense of honesty as well. Because the only thing worse than an advocate of child abuse and violent homophobia is an advocate of child abuse and violent homophobia who denies being those things when someone implies that shaping a toddler's sexuality by snapping his bones is an undesirable thing. Maybe the very Christian pastor should revisit his bible re: specks in your brother's eye. Because he surely doesn't seem like he's a fan of "maning up" when it's his own self on the line, instead of a twenty-pound baby who doesn't understand that a bent wrist has some arbitrary meaning.

Next thing you know, he'll start denying being a pervy creep for saying that little girls need to please grown men in appearence and scent. Because it's totally normal and reasonable for men to notice, and also really care about, how little girls smell.

(To be fair, Pastor Harris opened his closet so that people could view the bones of his desire to assault little boys and sniff little girls in order to tell his congregation to vote for an anti-gay amendment to the state constituion. This wasn't just some random oversharing; it was all in the service of the politics of correct family values. And parenting. Amen.)


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