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BAPS Lifetime networks scripted reality television of “When Ghetto meets Boogie”

BAPs - Black American Prince/Princess
BAPs - Black American Prince/Princess

As if we were not inundated enough with negative images of African American Women on television, we now have BAPS bought to you by Lifetime television.

The acronym stands for Black American Prince or Princess basically these brothers and sisters were raised in an upper middle class environment and wouldn’t deem to mingle with commoners nee ghetto people. They are the epitome of ‘you may be my color, but not my kind’ an oft stated mantra of the upper echelon within my community.

However, this show only portrays more cattiness, manipulations, ministrations, name dropping, social climbing, fighting, and meangirlness (yes, I made that word up) by Anisha Morrell who appears to be the lead ‘character’ if you will. Her ongoing fight with her frenemie Kristen Gipson Jones is hilarious if not laughable as they try to remember that BAPS aren’t mean spirited. Rather with Southern gentility they smile in your face, or spit as Aisha recently did and then apologize, fake kiss, make up, and start the whole process over.

This is where scripted reality television goes wrong. In the real world, you cannot get a woman, regardless of race to break bread with a woman whose repeated meanness is not only expected but demanded for ratings.

Whether we want to accept it or not, there are people in the world whose only idea and concept of Black people is what they see on scripted Reality Television and snippets of criminal news reports. It’s this portrayal; this caption that makes all and sundry believe that all Black people are like this. That black women are angry, gold digging, opportunistic tramps who will give up what little self respect they have for fame. That is of course if they believe we have any self respect to begin with.

I know times are hard! We get that everyone wants their 15-minutes of fame, but when does is it end.

Before I saw the trailer I hoped BAPS would not be like the other reality franchises depicting women, especially Black women in a negative light. I had hopes for a more bourgeoisie reference with cotillions and debutante balls, but what I got was another network copycat show of pure buffoonery!

Saundra aka SassyScribe

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