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Bao Bao: Adorable Bao Bao panda cub baby makes her outdoor debut (Video)

Bao Bao” the baby panda cub has already melted the hearts of visitors to the National Zoo in Washington DC this week. The fuzzy, 7-month-old cub named Bao Bao wandered a bit in her enclosure with her mum and seemed oblivious to the crowds of photo and video takers gathered nearby.
Too cute!

Says on April 1:

The National Zoo's giant panda cub Bao Bao went outside for the first time today to experience the "cub-proofed" panda yard with mother Mei Xiang. The 7-month-old cutie spent about two hours outside and even tried out her climbing skills on one of the smaller trees and sat on the grass with a piece of bamboo.

Bao Bao, whose name means "treasure," or "precious," was born last August and now lives in the National Zoo in Washington with her mother. Her birth was actually broadcast live on a wildly popular “panda-cam.”

When Bao Bao turns four, she will be moved to the China Conservation and Research Center. The baby cub represents one of only several hundred giant pandas alive today in captivity.

Giant pandas are an endangered species; less than 2,000 of them remain.

On warm days this spring, zoo officials said Bao Bao will be allowed outside for approximately two hours at a time until she gets older. The schedule for her appearance will be made available at the National Zoo's website.

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