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Banter bulldogge: New dog in town

The American Bulldog is part of the Banter Bulldogge's breeding
The American Bulldog is part of the Banter Bulldogge's breeding
Wikimedia Commons

The desire to have a unique dog or to create your version of the perfect breed has been around many generations. One litter of hybrids does not constitute a new breed. Only after several generations of successfully breeding dogs that are true to the desired type do you get any recognition for your new breed. Only the best of each litter is allowed to breed with the best of other similar litters.

One recent example is the Banter Bulldogge being bred in Ohio by Todd Tripp of Pulldoggies Kennel. According to his website he is trying to recreate the now extinct breed called the Brabanter. This was a breed related to Mastiffs, Boxers, Bulldogs, and Great Danes. While there are no direct descendants of the Brabanter to breed with, Todd is using similar breeds to create a new dog that will compare closely.

The breeds used are the Boxer, American Bulldog, American Staffordshire Terrier, and the American Pit Bull Terrier. The resulting Banter Bulldogge is a powerful and energetic dog that is good natured and may even be considered witty.

The Pulldoggie Kennel website includes the official standard for the breed. Much of the standard focuses on an impressive physical appearance and emphasizes the athletic ability of these dogs. It must be athletically sound with a muscular build and an impressive chest. Even the head should look muscular and square with strong jaws.

Just as important as its appearance though is the Banters personality and usefulness. The standard calls for dog that is easy to train and loyal to the family. It can be a ruff and tuff dog when playing with other dogs so it must be properly socialized when young. Many owners use these dogs in weight pulling contests or as guard dogs. It also makes a wonderful family pet.