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Banners are an easy door decoration

A door banner is an easy decoration for St. Patrick's Day.
Paula Hrbacek

Do you remember when the big craft fad was to cut out pictures from fabric, glue them to a T-shirt or sweatshirt, and then seal the edges with fabric paint? Any good crafter bought more than enough supplies, and will still have left over materials long after the fad has gone out of style.

This door banner for St. Patrick’s Day was made from left over materials from T-shirts, and uses the same method. The design can be modified for other holidays, too.

To make one, you need to decide on the width and length of the finished banner. Add one inch to the width for the hems. Add a hem to the top edge that will go around a piece of stiff cardboard or a dowel rod. I used a cotton print that had small shamrocks on it.

Cut a point on one end for the bottom of the banner. Make a ¼ inch rolled hem on the two sides and bottom. Fold down the top edge to make a hem. Find the center of the top edge, and add a small ring for a hanger. If using a dowel rod, you can tie a string to the ends of the rod.

Apply iron on adhesive, such as Wonder Under, to green material. Trace or draw shamrock shapes on the fabric side, using a pen or fine point marker. Cut out the shapes on the inside of the mark so that there isn’t any ink on the edge of the shape.

Remove the paper backing on the adhesive. Arrange the shapes on the banner, and iron in place. Go around the edges of each shape with dimensional fabric paint. Let dry.

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