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Banned Super Bowl 2014 commercial for SodaStream, Scarlett Johansson too hot?

Another year, another SodaStream banned Super Bowl commercial. This time, a SodaStream commercial featuring sexy actress Scarlett Johansson was banned from the Super Bowl 2014 commercial broadcast, according to a Jan. 29 New Channel 4 report. What was wrong with the would be Super Bowl ad? Was it too sexy?

Although it does feature Scarlett Johansson getting rather sexy with a glass of SodaStream soda and a straw, that is not the reason the Super Bowl 2014 commercial committee decided to ban the commercial. The real reason this sexy SodaStream Super Bowl commercial was banned is because at the very end of the commercial, Scarlett Johansson says, "Sorry Coke and Pepsi."

It was those four words that doomed this spot from airing live during Super Bowl unedited. Because SodaStream could not get its money back for the airtime, they ended up bowing the committee's wishes and removing the line "Sorry Coke and Pepsi" from the commercial. The reason for the edit? It seems Pepsi is sponsoring the Super Bowl XLVIII halftime show, and Fox wanted the line removed to avoid any type of conflict.

SodaStream is unhappy about the changes they had to make to get the commercial approved. This is the second year in a row that a SodaStream commercial was banned from the Super Bowl broadcast.

The Super Bowl XLVIII is quickly approaching. You can catch all the Super Bowl 2014 commercials (as well as the game) live on Fox 25 in Oklahoma City on Sunday, February 2 starting at 5:30 p.m. CST. Be sure to tune in to see all the night's biggest commercials (oh yeah, and the game too).

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