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Bannack State Park

Bannack State Park
Bannack State Park
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In the southwestern part of Montana is a quaint little ghost town which is one of the largest preserved ghost towns in the country. Bannack State Park is located just outside of Dillon Montana. This Park is known for its realistic reenactments of important occurrences from that era.

Bannack State Park offers guided tours upon request, however visitors are free to explore the town and visit all the old historical buildings on their own. This allows the visitors to take the time during the visit. One of the big advantages of having a guided tour is being allowed to go in buildings which are locked and inaccessible without a guide.
It is unfortunate that due to a large flood the park had to be closed for repair, however is now reopened to the public for their enjoyment. Eighty percent of the park was damaged during a flood and 60 historical buildings are included in that percentage.

John White is responsible for the founding of Bannack on July 28, 1862 when he struck gold on Grasshopper Creek. Bannack became the first territorial capital of Montana in 1864, however a short time later the Capital was moved to Virginia City. Bannack continued as a mining operation from the late 1860s until the 1930s with a constantly changing population. By 1863 the population in Bannack was over 3000. Overtime however these numbers fell drastically as the gold value steadily decreased. Most of the people had moved on by the 1950s the state of Montana decided to make Bannack a State Park. The Township that is surrounding the area is overseen by the Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife, and Parks. The hours for Bannack State Park are 8 to 5 during the winter months, and are expanded till about 9 PM during the summer.

There are many activities available at the park there are trails for bicycling and hiking. There are areas available for bird watching and picture taking, or wildlife viewing. There are campgrounds available for those who want an extended stay in the park and have their own recreational vehicle. Fishing and picnicking are two pastimes for those visiting the park. Many areas are wheelchair accessible the park has established firepits and firewood is available to purchase. This would be the perfect place for an outside wedding, and wedding facilities are available. This is a pet friendly park which is another plus for adding this is one of your vacation getaways.

If you want to visit Bannack State Park they are located at 721 Bannack Rd., Dillon, MT 59725. Their phone number for more information is 406 – 834 – 3413.