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Bank tries to evict cancer sufferer, 200 strangers show up to protest

There are those times that faith in humanity is restored, and sometimes it's in the biggest and best way possible. The Inquisitr reported on Sunday, July 27, 2014, that Tom Crawford is a cancer sufferer who the bank tried to evict as they tried to seize the home he said he paid off. Upon calling for some help, over 200 strangers showed up to protest the bank from doing their business.

Community bands together to save a cancer sufferer's home.
YouTube - Pain & Death NWO

63-year-old Tom Crawford has said that he's already paid off his mortgage and the home is his, but the bank appears to disagree. Upon saying they were coming to take his home, he jumped on YouTube and asked for some help.

That was when the street got a little crowded.

His 11-minute YouTube video asks for help from anyone that can give it and even offered a "lovely cup of tea" for all those that showed up. Crawford may not have had enough tea.

“I can’t believe that people have come from all over the country to support me,” a stunned Tom Crawford said on Wednesday. “It’s really overwhelming and I really didn’t expect it. This is something I feel very passionate about — I’ve been here more than 25 years and have brought three children up here. I’ve worked hard all my life. This is just devastating.”

The Metro reports that the prostate cancer sufferer said he paid off his mortgage quite some time ago. Unfortunately, the now-defunct Bradford and Bingley claims that Crawford still owes them £43,000 in repayments.

A judge had ordered Crawford to pay that amount to the company by 9:00 a.m. earlier this week or risk his home being seized. Protesters were not going to let this man lose his home and they ended up sharing his video over 7,000 and showing up for a 90-minute face-to-face with the bailiffs.

The bailiffs ended up leaving.

Crawford headed down to the bank to sort things out and he said he met with the manager of the bank.

"He told me there was a mistake and apologized," said Crawford. "He even sent my wife flowers and champagne, they would prove to be the most expensive flowers and champagne I ever received. I was told there was nothing to pay off."

Tom Crawford said that the support from friends and strangers was simply "amazing," and he is extremely touched by those that turned out to help him. Now, his family is secure and all is well.

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