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Bank of America Chooses Chicago Charities as Neighborhood Builders

by Dawgelene "Dr Dawj" Sangster- Chicago is a great city in which to live and work. While there are issues with violence as within any city, many companies, people and community organizations recognize the need for change and are striving to make a positive difference within Chicago communities.

Bank of America
Bank of America photo credit.

Bank of America recently selected to amazing Chicago charities for their invitation only Neighborhood Builders program. The program awards $200,000 in funding to the selected organizations, to be used in providing comprehensive training for organizational leaders and emerging leaders. The funds are unrestricted funds, but the organizations are well deserving due to their service in 3-key areas of workforce development, education and community development.

The recipients for 2014 are St Leonard's Ministries and Growing Home. St. Leonard's Ministries focuses on re-entry and residential services for incarcerated men and women, but the funding is for Gracie's Cafe in Chicago; and Growing Home focuses on organic agriculture in urban farms, that provides job training, community development and employment with under served Chicago communities.

Bank of America has a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program in place, as a way to honor their commitment to serve the global community. Check out their website and follow them on twitter.

Thanks R. Oehlerking.


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