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Bank job: for a fast track growth in your career

Banks are an indispensible part of any economy. Banks perform multiple functions; loans & credit to corporations and individuals, foreign exchange management, depository services, and mutual funds. To manage and oversee these operations banking jobs absorb candidates with suitable skill set and competencies. Banks look for professionals with exemplary interpersonal and social skills, managerial skills, analytical ability and proficient know how of banking business. With the presence of 61 commercial private banks, and a deeply rooted network of 13,775 branches all across the country can justify the notion that, there is no dearth of bank job.

High growth options for freshers
Apart from specialized roles in a bank; to oversee daily operations or the administrative tasks like customer handling, teller services, branch operations fresh graduates who posses the skills which match with those required by the banks are hired for these roles. Entry-level role offered for a bank job is business development executive, tellers, or customer care executive. These entry-level roles are the well suited for those who want to pursue a career in banking, as these roles help you to know and inculcate in yourself the processes of various banking operations. As far as growth is concerned, a bank job have always been considered to offer fast track growth after earning an experience in a specific role.

Specialized Roles and Functions
Banks now-a-days perform various functions, apart from the conventional functions like depository and withdrawal services. Which has led to the creation of various role specific profiles like: financial manager or asset managers; these roles entail analysis of a clients financials along with the risk involved, tracking the performance of a company. So with specialized roles; banking jobs are available for candidates who have past experience handling the similar role or have a degree in a particular domain of banking operations. All of these jobs are highly lucrative, with immense avenues for growth, and job security are some of the factors which manage to attract fresh graduates towards this sector.

Road-Map to land with a Bank Job
Banks like ICICI and AXIS have established their own institutes which carve the candidates with the skills that are required for efficient banking operations as well as knowledge of retail banking and products, nuances of financial accounting and economics forms the curriculum of these courses. Practical application of the modules in this course is imparted by the means of a full-time internship which is further completed into a full-time job. However, those who do not wish to continue these courses can also apply for bank job using various job portals on the internet. These portals will help you to know about all the banks that are hiring. Once hired, there is no looking back as with increasing population and with the growing popularity of banks, which has led to the mushrooming of branches all across the country thereby leading to a rise in demand of skilled resources. The rise in demand is fulfilled by promoting executives within the organization, which leads to a fast track growth in your career.

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