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Bank advertising, what did the announcer just say?

I feel so warm and fuzzy!
I feel so warm and fuzzy!
Photo by Danny E. Martindale/Getty Images

This morning, as I was rolling out of bed, I heard a bank advertisement on the radio which had me laughing and shaking my head. You can say just about anything in advertising without much veracity. I once worked with the owner of an advertising agency whose license plate read, FIBBIZ. He certainly had no illusions about the story he was telling/selling. Back to this radio spot, the announcer mentioned the name of the bank, (named after a community extremely far from the Bay Area) how this bank was very knowledgeable about Bay Area communities and a good corporate citizen. I got this warm fuzzy feeling, they sound like wonderful caring neighbors with a rich history and meaningful presence in the Bay Area. The spot ended with the tag that the bank was actually owned by a larger amorphous bank from somewhere in the western hemisphere. Hmmmmm, I generally don't get real gushy over bank commercials, but I do have a very positive feeling when I think of established, credible community banks in the Bay Area that support their communities year in and year out. Community banks who actually deliver what this radio commercial was suggesting, like Bank of Marin,, Summit State Bank, and Bank of Rio Vista, These are the real community banks; living and working with their neighbors, providing much needed credit and banking services to small businesses and consumers, working through problems with their customers when difficulties arise instead of showing them the door at the first sign of trouble. A community bank is only as successful as the community in which it exists. Each of these banks actively contributes to the quality of life in their communities, not just because it’s good for business but because it’s good for everyone. Corny, yeah I know, it may sound that way but it is true. Next time you hear Brand X Bank’s radio commercial and you start to feel all warm and fuzzy, stop, take a breath and substitute Bank of Marin, Summit State Bank or Bank of Rio Vista and you will have an authentic feel good moment.