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Banished words used to describe new Banished Word list

"Sweet" "awesome" original art.
"Sweet" "awesome" original art.
Gary Thison

"Back in the day" (2008) there was no such thing as a list of "banished" words. But, since 1975 when a group of people created such a list at a New Year's Eve party, Lake Superior State University has published a compilation of overused words or phrases created from nominations received from all over the planet.

This year's list includes such banished annoyances as "app," "sexting," "bromance" and "too big to fail." You can view the complete list, along with nomination comments at Lake Superior State's web site.

The basic loose requirements to nominate a word or phrase for banishment include anything that involves "Mis-Use, Over-Use or General Uselessness" according to the university's web site.

"In these economic times" (2010) it is no wonder that more people have time to be word "czars" (2010) and submit nominations to this banished list. Although the list is borderline entertaining, I would choose to "unfriend" (2010) anyone who wastes their time creating an incorrect word to describe something that already has a perfectly good word or phrase which communicates the point succinctly. They must believe that these grammatical indiscretions create a "teachable moment" (2010) for us. "Not!" ("Not" isn't on the list, but it should be.)

Personally, I find these lists "frigging" (2002) annoying. So the next time you're "chillaxin" (2010) during your "staycation" (2009), rather than wasting time thinking of words and phrases that should be banished, spend your time working on a project that you can make "shovel ready" (2010) in the future. Oh sure, these lists can create "talking points" (2006), but what the "fushizzle?" (2005)

Later today I plan to "tweet" (2010) my thoughts to a small group of people who really don't care what I think.

I guess I shouldn't get too upset about it, after all "it is what it is" (2008) and maybe "stupid is the new smart." (2008)

You "know what I'm sayin, " (2000) "dawg?" (2009)

"Have a good one." (2001)


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