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Bangor Geek Local Connections


When one is "from away" and newly comes to this city and must make whole new connections and friends, especially in the geek world, it surprisingly is not that hard. Bangor is privileged to have a thriving geek culture that is growing.

There are two game stores in the area, for those that are gaming geeks, which not only sell what you are aching for but also hold tournaments and gaming opportunities galore.

The first, Games Unlimited, is located at 499 Hammond St. in Bangor. A friendly atmosphere offers the perfect place to unleash that Magic deck you have worked so hard to put together. However, more than just Magic tournaments are offered there. In addition they have regular games of Warhammer Fantasy and Heroclix and on Sundays a Steve Jackson MIB can be found there offering game demonstrations.

The second, Initiative 17 Games, is located at 653 Stillwater Ave. in Old Town. The store offers D&D RPGA sanctioned events, board and card game nights, and an Anime Club.

If you still can't seem to quench your gaming thirst then be sure to check out Bangor Area Gamers Guild.It is a non-profit organization that meets on Saturday mornings at the Bangor Public Library  to play board and card games.

                                 Bangor Public Library
More than likely, when you mingle with the gaming geeks you will find they not only enjoy games but more often than not are geeky in some other way such as comics, movies and computers. Hope to see you around town!


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