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Bangkok shutdown: Month-long protest begins in Thailand (video)

Bangkok shutdown today as month-long protest begins. 50,000 anti-government protesters have taken over the capital of Thailand. According to UPI on Jan. 13, the protesters are intent on the removal of the current leader of the country.

Organized by the People's Democratic Reform Committee, the shutdown event is the latest protest effort aimed at forcing Thai Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra to resign.

Bangkok shutdown originally started as protests in November of 2013. Now the largely peaceful protesters are staking out major intersections and shutting down traffic. Another 4 to 5 days of protest are expected, but could last as long as a month.

So far the Bangkok shutdown has included gunfire heard near the Democrat party headquarters. A hand grenade was also found by police outside the home of a leader of the party which organized the protest.

These protests are a spin off of those that began in November. The PDRC wanted the PM removed then because they feel she is only acting on behalf of her brother, who is the former PM. Since their demand has not yet been met, they protest continue to grow in size.

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