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Bangkok Airways to fly from Bangkok to Udon Thani

Bangkok Airways plane
Bangkok Airways plane
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With Udon Thani becoming one of the fastest growing cities in Thailand, especially when it comes to the growth of businesses in the area, it's probably no surprise that Bangkok Airways has just announced a new route -- from Bangkok to Udon Thani -- starting in November.

Flights will depart from Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok twice a day and two flights will return from Udon Thani. With a current 'sale price' of 3,580 baht or about $112 round-trip, the airfare is also cheap. Although that does not include tax and fuel surcharges, of course.

You can currently book your flight on Bangkok Airways' new Bangkok to Udon Thani route on the airline's website. Remember, though, you must book by the end of September to get the sale price, which will then allow you to travel from November, when the route opens, through until May next year. After the end of September, fares are likely to increase.

Several other airlines currently fly from Bangkok to Udon Thani. Nok Air has the most flights every day, with three, and Thai Air Asia has the most popular service at the moment.

With prices as low as those Bangkok Airways may still be offering once the sale is over, however, they could give both Nok Air and Air Asia a good run for their money.