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Bangerz Tour: Miley's reputation up in smoke

Miley Cyrus in glittering weed leaf-adorned bodysuit performs at ther Bangerz concert tour.
Photo by Phillip Chin/Getty Images

Miley Cyrus has not been shy about her love for all things weed. “I love weed. I just love getting stoned,” she told W magazine for their March 2014 issue.

Clearly, Miley is still trying hard to shed her Hannah Montana squeaky-clean image. Drug use and references are certainly one way to do that. Though it is obvious she wants to be considered grown up, this approach does not show the maturity one would expect from an adult.

Whether she likes it or not, a large portion of Miley’s fan base is still children or adolescents. Despite an over-the-top dramatic (life)style transformation, many of her Disney Channel fans have grown with her and remain fans of Cyrus. The implication here is that she is encouraging a generation to live the extravagant life she does, despite the fact that this way of life is not accessible to the majority of the world’s population.

Case in point: Bangerz.

Even the most avid Miley aficionado would be surprised by the antics at the premiere of her new concert tour, Bangerz.

Though described by Cyrus as ‘art’ and her way of exposing sheltered children to subject matter they may not otherwise encounter (maybe for good reasons…), the Bangerz tour appears to simply be chaotic, filthy debauchery littered with cannabis references left, right, and center.

If the glittering weed leaf-adorned body suit or the simulated fellatio on a fake Bill Clinton appeared to you to be the most controversial actions of the night, you were wrong.

With the purchase of a Bangerz tour book, you receive not only a book of a scantily-clad Miley in an array of disturbing position but two 24k-gold rolling papers, a status symbol in the hip hop community.

To deny this is encouraging marijuana experimentation is ignorant and irresponsible.

In the past, Miley has also touted the social and mental positives of the party drug, ecstasy, while maintaining she’s not overly impressed by cocaine. She also smoked a real joint on stage in 2013 at the EMA’s, without warning her staff or the awards show workers, because she thought the fans would love it.

What’s sad is that Cyrus is oblivious to the difference in social standing and resources between her and her average fan. Many people cannot afford to spend large amounts of money on recreational drugs, while paying other bills and maintaining a happy, healthy life. Moreover, not many individuals can manage the steep cost of rehab and substance abuse treatment that can result of such overindulgence.

The Bangerz tour highlights what society already knew about its former pop princess, Miley Cyrus: she is happy to remain blissfully unaware of social conditions and discrepancies in favor of twerking, sticking out her tongue, and getting high.

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