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‘Bane Cat’ YouTube video goes viral: Dark Knight cat gets 1.9 views

‘BaneCat’ is the simple name of the YouTube video that is the talk of the online world. The title bespeaks of a ‘Bane Cat’ that’s dressed up in the Bane mask featured in "The Dark Knight" movie, and the YouTube video that was recently published so far has more than 1.88 million views as of March 30.

That Bane Cat becomes the bane of his owner’s existence, speaking in the same quirky, frightening and interesting tone that Tom Hardy adopted in Christopher Nolan's movie. Perhaps the attraction of the ‘BaneCat’ YouTube video is not merely the spot-on impersonation, but also the manner in which the stout cat calmly allows himself to be dressed up in such a mask and placed in various locales around the home.

Robs Rants” is the name of the YouTube channel on which this new video appears, and it’s quite a funny and well-written viral video, which shows him tacking up posters in an attempt to get rid of the so-called friendly cat. But ‘BaneCat’ is having none of that, as he uncovers a stash of catnip toys and admits to urinating on a bagged delicacy his owner finds in a cabinet.

“We finally brought this idea to life! Hope you guys enjoyed it! It also might be a series,” reads the description of the YouTube video.

“P.S. for those of you animal lovers, no cat was harmed in any way in the making of this video,” he adds.

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