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'Bane Cat' video goes viral, good for several laughs

'Bane Cat' is a hilarious viral video that is making rounds via YouTube. On March 29, Huffington Post reported on the newest cat video to make rounds on the internet.

'Bane Cat' is a YouTube video featuring a rather large feline wearing a Bane mask and what looks like a bomber jacket. In this live action video, you can see the ferocious feline terrorize his owner a few different ways.

The video starts out with the owner trying to load the cat into a cat carrier for a visit to the vet. Instead, 'Bane Cat' seeks revenge on his owner by breaking dishes and throwing a box of cat toys on the floor. The cat owner then decides to rehome the not-so-great pet. Too bad for him, 'Bane Cat' made his way back for more.

The video has gone viral and has many cat video loving web surfers chuckling. Matter of fact, the 'Bane Cat' video is so popular that the maker has decided to make it a series. You can subscribe to Robs Rants on YouTube to be alerted when more episodes are released.

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