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Bane Cat: Bane of the felines? Unnerving Bane Cat is a YouTube hit

The Bane Cat. The feline form of the Dark Knight’s malevolent foe. Now is not the time for fear – your greatest fear shall come after a saucer of warm milk.
Batman takes on Bane, the man, not the kitty.

“Nobody could ever say what goes through a cat's mind, but if there's one type of animal scheming to take over the world (or at least the house), it's probably a cat. Well, Bane Cat is here to rule. Dun dun dunnn!” shares the Huffington Post on March 28.

The video, viewed close to two million times, shows the Bane Cat – in full spooky respirator mask – terrorizing the owner and his dog.

“Do you feel in charge,” Bane Cat, aka “Peanut,” asks? “I’m the owner,” comes the nervous reply. “And this gives you power over me?” Bane Cat asks.

The cat rolls out classic Dark Knight Rises lines, such as the “I was born in the darkness” speech when his owner is sleeping, and after breaking some plates, says: “I was wondering what would break first” – the line uttered by Bane as he snaps Batman’s back over his knee.

But when the owner takes something out of the cupboard and it reeks of cat urine, he confronts Bane Cat.

“I peed in it,” comes the echoed reply.

Bane Cat’s owner has had enough – he takes to the streets, hanging up posters of the Bane Cat with a less than truthful description:

Super friendly. Loves children, loves food. Respirator mask does not come off. Might be loud, annoying, dangerous and controlling. Oh, and he talks.

But when Bane Cat finds the poster, the door slowly opens and he says, “We both know I’m going to have to kill you now.”

Created by YouTuber RobRants, the viral hit brings Bane Cat to life. The voice acting is so convincing that some viewers thought the lines were lifted from the actual movie, but creator Rob assures they were not sampled from the film, and also says no cats were made “uncomfortable” in the clip – though we certainly are now.

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