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Bands: How not to get asked back to Hole in the Wall

Hole in the Wall Austin

There are a couple great posts on Hole in the Wall's MySpace page about how to be asked back to the venue...and how to make them angry. It's succinct, broadly applicable, and is good information for bands to keep in mind. Kudos to Hole in the Wall for both being a great venue and telling it like it is.

How to be asked back to Hole in the Wall
1. BE FRIENDLY AND POLITE: We're working hard to give you a kickass place to play so be nice to us! Our general mood is always friendly and attentive here at the Hole. We'd really like to keep it that way
2. PROMOTE: This is your job! Hang posters in the club and around town. Pass out flyers. Try and get in touch with the radio: we recommend KOOP 91.7, 101X, KGSR, KLBJ. Talk to your friends and pack this place full of smiling, drinking faces!
3. PLAY A GREAT SHOW: We want to love you...and chances are if you've done numbers 1 and 2 we are on our way! So get up there and mean it!
4. STICK AROUND: Watch the other bands on the bill. Chat up the bartenders. Be memorable musically and personally!
5. KNOW YOUR GEAR: If you're on the front stage, you need to run the simple PA yourself. This really shouldn't be a problem. It's one of the greatest sounding rooms in town. Play at the right volume please! In the middle stage, we'll have a sound guy for you. Make sure you let him do his other words... don't turn up too loud right away so he has nowhere to go.
6. COME AND GET YOUR MONEY: We love it when bands come within one week to get their money. Reminder, after 2 weeks.... it's not there.

How not to be asked back to Hole in the Wall
1.COMPLAIN ABOUT MONEY: We have a deep love for music at the Hole and are trying to pay you the maximum that we possibly can and still keep our beloved club alive and free from the grubby hands of the man. If you aren't happy with what you made, then we're sorry but...get more fans!!!
2. BE RUDE TO OUR STAFF: The excellent Hole in the Wall bartenders and staff are worth their weight in gold to us. Please don't make them's a quick road to the BLACKLIST (which does the way).
3. COMPLAIN ABOUT THE ORDER OF THE BANDS: Usually, the order of the bands will be determined and agreed upon prior to the show by the booking agent and the headlining band (who isn't always the last band). However, if a mix-up occurs, DON'T throw a hissy-fit... just adjust to it...and play a great show!
4. PROMOTE YOUR NEXT SHOW AT ANOTHER VENUE ON OUR STAGE: Uh, this is basic common sense. You are in the Hole in the be in the moment and be smart. It's just not cool to say over the microphone "Our next show is at Momo's....blah blah blah" (not cool for many reasons....for that matter)
5. SHOW UP LATE OR PLAY TOO LONG: You're history baby!
6. LEAVE AS SOON AS YOUR BAND FINISHES: We notice it all. When you finish your set...stick around and check out the bands who are on the bill with you. You might get turned on to some great stuff or make some new friends. Come on man, be a band!
7. HAVE NO ONE WATCHING YOU: Do NOT count on a built in crowd. If you did nothing to promote your show and are wasting stage time, then no one is drinking, and so you're wasting our time.