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"Bandit" pinot grigio on Most Wanted List

Bandit Wine’s pinot grigio arrives just in time to “steal” the palates of wine drinkers who will celebrate year’s end with a little less jingle in their pockets.

This 100 percent California varietal, packaged in a recyclable 1L “pouch”, retails for around $8 and is equilavant to 1 1/3 ml bottles. But, the concept is more “green” than the color of the package. Made mainly from paper, it is an ingredient that can be re-grown or produced without depletion of natural resources. Glass, on the other hand, is not.

Three Thieves, the “Liberators of World Class Wine, declares that Bandit’s lightweight Tetra Pak has a product to package ration better than an egg.

The pale lemon-hued wine has aromas of green apple, citrus and ripe melon. The taste is crisp, bright with slight acidity and sweetness on the finish. In the past, pinot grigio has received little respect from haughty wine drinkers who thought the grape was pedestrian. But, time has changed these palates and “Bandit” is capturing new converts daily.

Try pairing this floral selection with holiday fare such as dates wrapped in bacon, cream cheese with jalapenos and pomegranates; or toss it in a cooler for a ski trip or in a backpack for hiking in the desert.