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Bandit Burrito serves healthy vegan options


Jessica Osterberg

If you have eaten at Panchero’s, Chipotle (no longer owned by McDonald’s), or Qdoba you know that fresh Mexican food is out there. They all operate according to the same principle where you choose what type of dish you want and what you want on it.

Bandit Burrito uses this same method but with more options and fairly large portions. They have burritos, bowls, salads, nachos, and burrito slims, which are half the size of their regular burritos. Their tortilla choice is one of the ways they are set apart from the rest. You can pick from flour, wheat, spinach, jalapeno cheddar, or roasted pepper. They do not give the ingredients for the tortillas on their website, so you will have to ask the chef to provide them for you. If you are not in the mood to go through all the tortilla ingredients, order the bowl. You get all the same yummy fillings without the added calories and carbs of the tortilla.

Next up, white or wild rice. Yes, wild rice. If you are feeling adventurous, choose the wild option. It makes for an even tastier combination. You then choose your beans and optional veggies, but another big difference is the vegetarian chorizo they offer. It is made on site with veggie burger, tofu, and spices. Upon asking for a brand of veggie burger they use, I was told it was just veggie burger, and as far as they knew there were no animal products in it. I was a bit unimpressed with their unwillingness to go the extra mile to assure me. So, I am not convinced it is vegan, but it is a step in the right direction. If anyone knows otherwise, please comment below.

Top it all off with salsa, lettuce, black olives, or other finishes. Please do not pass up their guacamole. It is the freshest and most tasty guacamole next to homemade. It adds so much to the mix, and you will instantly want more.

Don’t forget to bring the family. Bandit Burrito has a family meal deal, which serves four for under $20.

Bandit Burrito is Des Moines-based and located just two blocks north of I-80 on Merle Hay Road. They are open seven days a week from 10am to 10pm. Stop by the next time you are craving fresh, healthy Mexican food or just wanting an escape from holiday cooking.


  • Adam 5 years ago

    Thanks Jessica for suggesting this place. I had been to the other fresh Mexican food joints but didn't know about this one. Thanks again!

  • Adam 5 years ago

    Went to this place this past weekend. The guys who make the burrito were very friendly, explained everything in great detail. The burrito was excellent! Highly recommend this. Thanks Jessica for making me aware of this place.